Guided 360° Virtual Tour

With Immersion the visit is not only 360°, immersive, interactive, it can be guided!

Immersion, an innovative virtual tour solution with 360° photos. With us, you have access to a shared back-office so you no longer have to manage points of interest alone. You can organize audio chat guided tours!

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Immersion application to create and publish a 360° virtual tour!

With Immersion, technology is available to photographers and especially virtual tours. The tool has been designed not to limit your creativity, and to make the virtual tours more real and dynamic for visitors! We integrate many features to provide ease of use for 360° photographers, real estate agents, tourism professionals, tourist sites.

Remote guided tour

With Immersion making guided tours is simple, you send a simple url and here we go! You are the guide, the visitors (from 1 to 50) hear you, follow you, you zoom, it zooms for them! They are no longer passive and left to themselves.

POI Editor

Add points of interest from the back office: nothing could be simpler, you browse your visit, you do a [shift]+click and your POI is added!

Pre-recorded guided tour

Take pre-recorded guided tours. From the back office, you record your movements (movements), your actions and your audio comments at the same time. The advantage of a video (dynamic, with additional information from the guide) and the advantage of the visit with 360° photos (possibility of going back to points of view, of zooming).
With an example it's better:
Demonstration with the offices of DigitalExpo

Simple management

Immersion was designed to be collaborative, everyone can have an account (the rights may be different depending on the user). You can assign multiple people the right to take tours or fill in points of interest.